Have you ever asked yourself – where are you coming from? If you really like to know it is possible to make a DNA test to find out more about your ancestors. Be aware that critical voices are warning that private genetic test have become a big business. They sell genetic astrology for lots of money. Many companies offering tests which claim to identify whether people are related to famous figures or have DNA from a specific racial groups. Most of the tests are meaningless.
The travel website momondo took the DNA test as chance to create a campaign against racism. They tested different people and asked them if they are having any racial prejudices.

The results are striking. Everybody is related to the ethnicity they disliked before. With the information in mind that everyone is somehow related with everyone the spot is less suprising. On the other hand DNA tests show that racism is redundant, because we are all the same kind of species. Anyone who wants to go deeper into this subject should definitely check out The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to DNA Testing by Rachel from the Site Hobby Help. If you are a complete newbie, this is your weapon of choice.

Video: momondo – The DNA Journey | YouTube

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